Even with the world’s best organizer at the helm, no wedding is guaranteed 100% problem free. Of course, we have the collective experience of millions of brides that we can tap into to prepare ourselves from wedding mishaps. Some of them are standard, common sense precautions; others, like the ones below, are a bit extra creative:

Problem: A rip in the hem of the bride’s attire…
Solution: Always have an emergency kit containing a roll of double-sided fabric tape, which can be used to stick the torn hem back in place. Can’t find any fabric tape? Try masking tape or gaffer’s tape. Oh, and lighting professionals (such as the one from your wedding photography team) might have these last two on hand.

Problem: Feeling faint after standing too long…
Solution: Being on your feet for too long (which some traditions might call for) can make the blood pool in your legs, making you feel light-headed. If this happens, the only thing you can do is to quickly grab a seat. To prevent this from happening in the first place, eat a healthy breakfast on your wedding day… and drink plenty of water.



Problem: It rains… during an outdoor wedding.
Solution: Have a waterproof canopy prepared, just in case. Or, you could hand out (inexpensive) parasols with a witty note attached; say “Rain or shine, here’s something to keep you fine”—which can also be useful when it’s sunny. Chances are, your guests will remember this little touch more than the rain.




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halfpoint / 123RF Stock Photo
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