31 May 2014

Birthstone of June

June… a month bound to be full of weddings, vacations, and pearls. Yes, pearls, “the queen of gems and the gems of queens”, is the birthstone of the sixth month of the year. Regardless of whether we believe in the concept of birthstones or not (and which version of birthstone lore, at that), I think we can all agree that pearls are objects of immense beauty, no?

So, as we step into the month of June, let’s take a quick look at the majestic pearl… (as well as a stunning range of jewelry pieces from Miss Mondial’s “big sister”.)



How a pearl is formed is pretty much common knowledge: an irritant (a grain of sand, for example) gets trapped within the shell of a clam (or another mollusk such as mussels, oysters, etc.), and the clam then coats the irritant with layers of a white, shiny substance (calcium carbonate, held together by conchiolin). The end result is the only gemstone produced by a living creature.

Naturally, humans have long fallen in love with this gift of nature, and it has come to symbolize modesty, purity, as well as being mentioned in many, many religious scriptures.

Now, Miss Mondial doesn’t have a pearl collection (or not yet… who knows?), but Miss Mondial’s “older sister”, Mondial Jeweler, does: Mondial Excellent Pearl… (or MEP for short.)




Much like the MEC (Mondial Excellent Cut) collection, creation of the MEP collection also involves a very, very stringent selection process. Put simply, any MEP product will only feature the finest South Sea pearls harvested from the Indian and Pacific Oceans off Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines.




Not only that, but only pearls that score an ‘Excellent’ rating in terms of luster (under the GIA Pearl Description System) are picked. And they have to be untreated—so what you see is their natural beauty.




These stunning specimens become the centerpiece in a symphony of diamonds, gold of various hues, brought together by exquisite designs and masterful craftsmanship. Sounds familiar? Well, sisters are often alike… no? ;)






Image Copyright:
Mondial Jeweler
restyler / 123RF Stock Photo
digitalpress / 123RF Stock Photo



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