Ah, South Korea... a land seemingly full of beautiful women, especially if we use K-drama and K-pop artists as a reference. Now, while the nation is also famous for being one of the world’s foremost plastic surgery capitals, there’s another, perhaps healthier secret to the beauty of Korean women—and particularly their flawless skin.

And this secret is a 10-step, nightly cleansing and moisturizing routine. So, yes, it’s not exactly an easy secret, but the results speak for themselves. Still intrigued? See below for the full list...




1. This is actually the first half of the popular Korean “double cleanse” method. And it consists of two steps: First we use a nutrient-rich towelette to remove BB cream and blush, then a liquid cleanser to remove eye makeup. Next up, we remove sebum and bacteria with an oil cleanser and lukewarm water.

2. Now we’re cleaning again, this time with a mild cream.

3. Step three: remove any dead skin cells. Of course, scrubbing your face each day isn’t exactly good for you, so concentrate on areas that need it.

4. Time for toner use. Ah, but for this one, you might want to avoid Western toners (which have a high alcohol content), and instead pick, well, Korean brands which are designed to be hydrating.

5. This one is supposedly the most important step of this routine: essence. Spray lightly on your face, and tap gently to help your skin absorb it.

6. Ampoules. Basically, these are condensed versions of essences, with a lot more vitamins and a slicker consistency... and every single drop is a powerful anti-aging component.

7. Have you ever seen one of those popular Korean-made facial sheet masks? Using one of these is step number seven. Although some experts advise using the mask only two or three times a week, and apply a gentle facial massage on other nights.

8. Eye-cream. Avoid pulling at the skin when applying.

9. Now it’s time to rehydrate your skin using a facial moisturizer.

10. Finally we come to the last step before you’re off to bed: a layer of night cream.

And there you have it: 10-steps for beautiful, glowing skin. That’s 10-steps each night, of course. Who says beauty is easy? ;)





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