10 Jul 2014

Detox the Right Way

Nowadays, it would seem that you can find dozens of ‘detox’ products just looking at the aisle with bottled juice at the nearest supermarket. And on the magazine rack, you might even glimpse ads for detox programs at some sort of spa facility.

Now, if you talk to actual health experts, there’s a lot of controversy about if this whole ‘detox’ thing actually works. Ah, but there are things—simple things—that any of us can do to get rid of all the toxins that’s part of modern life.

The first thing we can try is switching to natural and organic beauty products. Remember, your skin is one of the biggest entryways for chemicals to enter our body. One easy way to spot the presence of synthetic ingredients are long, complicated names that are hard to pronounce, as well as the words ‘fragrance’ and ‘parfum’.




Eating locally grown organic food is also a great option. They taste better, and they (usually) have a lower chance of being riddled with pesticides and other chemicals.

Since we’re already talking about food, you might also want to consider cutting back on meat. The problem is that a lot of harmful chemicals can latch onto the fat tissues of cattle. You don’t have to turn vegetarian, but limiting your intake of animal products could help.

And of course drinking lots of water is also quite important.

Moving on, we come to our houses. Yes, we spend a lot of time in the comforts of our own homes, so it makes sense to properly equip our homes, right? So, we could start looking for, say, vacuum cleaners with HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters that will catch ultra-fine particles, and paints with low VOC (volatile organic compounds) content.




Finally, we have the age old solution for everything health- and beauty-related: exercise. Sweating is a great way to remove toxins in the body. Also, a lot of toxins gets stored in our fat cells—and as we break down those, the toxins within are released and eventually thrown out.




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