Taking good care of your skin is important. But what’s no less important is knowing, understanding, and being prepared to deal with whatever skin ailments might pop up. Because, let’s face it: sooner or later we will be having skin problems. So, let’s take a look at some of the things we might want to take a closer look at...




First and foremost, every woman should remember that you’re never too old for acne. So no, it’s not just a problem for teenagers, as 50 percent of women will suffer from acne sometime during their adult years. On the flip side, adults should not rely on anti-acne products for teens, which—surprise, surprise—might actually be too harsh. Look for products with salicylic or hyaluronic acid, and which has anti-inflammation properties as well.  

When acne does pop-up, you want to act quickly. The main thing to do is to disinfect and heal, so look for something with active ingredients that can do so: besides the two mentioned above you could also look out for sulfur, licorice extract, and aloe.

Speaking of extracts, licorice, bearberry, and mulberry can also be useful for those of us suffering from skin discoloration. If those aren’t available, look for products that contain either hydroquinone acid or kojic acid to reduce uneven skin tone.




Be careful, though, since misuse of beauty products can trigger problems such as flaking. Even worse, this has mislead many people into thinking that they have sensitive or dry skin... and this leads to more misuse.

So, in the end, there are two things we should pay extra close attention to: 1. Don’t be too quick to use the latest, newest beauty products just because, and 2. Getting your skin diagnosed by a specialist is not admittance that you’re not capable of taking care of yourself... it’s just common sense, no?




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