How often should you wash your hair? Should you pluck grey hairs? You’ve probably heard a lot of different answers for these two issues as well as other haircare topics. But which ones are true and which ones are simply old wives’ tales that’s best left behind? Well, below we’ll cover some of the most popular haircare tips and see which ones are real and which ones are not... ;)




1. Should you wash your hair every day? The answer is, surprisingly, no. Washing your hair will remove all the natural oils and protein, causing your hair to dry out. This, in turn, will force us to use even more haircare products, which eventually leads to overuse and even more damage. Some experts believe that you should only wash your hair maybe twice a week, or when it’s dirty.

2. Does stress turn your hair grey? Maybe. There are studies which have shown that stress hormones can contribute to grey hair, but we don’t have any conclusive evidence yet, and genetics also plays a role here.




3. Is it true that if you pluck a grey hair, two more will grow out? No. Regardless of the color, each hair follicle can only reproduce one hair after being plucked. Still, it’s not a good idea to pluck hairs too often as it can obviously cause bald spots.

4. Can standing in the cold air with wet hair make you sick? Not really. The common cold and other illnesses are caused by viruses and bacteria, not by the standing-out-in-the-cold-with-wet-hair part.




5. Does braiding and tying your hair up in ponytails lead to hair falling out? Sadly, this one is true. Braids and ponytails (as well as other styles such as cornrows) will pull on your hair, which can lead to breakage... and if this kind of tension continues, it can lead to permanent hair loss.




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