A youthful look is every woman’s dream, no? Well, at least there are enough people who want to defy age that anti-aging technology continues to march on, with new breakthroughs popping up every year. So, what kind of breakthroughs and discoveries are worth out attention?




1. A study covering nine countries around the world found varying levels of copper—from copper water pipes—on the hair of almost 500 women, which can lead to visibly damage strands. Products that can deal with this are supposedly on the way, but replacing your home’s plumbing might be a good idea in the long run.

2. Repetitive strain can cause hair breakage. But now people are noticing a number of really simple, everyday habits that we often overlook: How the straps of our bags can often sit on our hair for a long period of time. So, be careful where you sling your handbag/backpacks...

3. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatments is making its way from the face to hair. This nonchemical and noninvasive method has shown promising results in stimulating hair regrowth.




4. When your phone beeps, what do you do? You take it out of your pocket/purse, and then you look down at it, right? Experts have noted that whenever we put our chin down, we create a crease on the skin of our necks. Yes, this sounds incredibly simple, and the solution is also really, really simple (lift your gadget up to eye level), but as we become increasingly dependent on our smartphones and tablets, we will be seeing a lot of lined necks unless we pay attention to how we use them...

5. There’s a new technology in the works (well, actually it’s already in testing stages and waiting for regulatory approval) which is basically liposuction in a syringe: Lipo 202. With just 20 small injections once a week, people can easily shave an inch or an inch and a half from their waistline. Expect this one to become a popular choice.

And of course, all these are but a fraction of all the new antiaging developments currently moving to the commercial market. So, if antiaging is a big concern for you, there’s reason to be optimistic...




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