Do you want to have beautiful (and healthy!) hair? Well, apparently there are quite a few specific food items that can help out with that. So, for a bit of extra strength and shine to your hair, consider adding these to your daily menu...



Clams and Oysters
It’s the zinc content of these shellfish that’s useful to us. Zinc is an important mineral that for repairing as well as growing tissue, which obviously includes our hair. For zinc sources outside the seafood family you can try peanut butter, cheese, and nuts.

Papaya and Peppers
...or lemons and oranges. Just about any vitamin C source will help, as it boosts the production of collagen that surrounds hair and keeps it strong.



Peanuts and Salmon
These are some of the best sources of biotin, which is a form of vitamin B that can increase hair growth. It’s also useful in maintaining the overall health of your scalp. Then there’s the protein content of both items...

Spinach and Asparagus
Basically, what you need are vegies high in iron and/or folate. The iron helps our blood cells carry oxygen, the folate helps with the creation of those red blood cells, and both are important in maintaining your hair (as well as the rest of your body).



Greek Yogurt
This is perhaps the best ‘haircare food’ to add to your diet: It has a lot of protein and vitamin B5 (both will boost hair growth) as well as vitamin D (which helps keep your hair follicles healthy).



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