Washing your hair... now, that’s not something that you usually think too much about, right? But picking the right type of shampoo and using it the correct way can sometimes be a bit tricky. So, below (and in tomorrow’s post), we’ll look through some of the most commonly asked questions about daily haircare. Read on, ladies...

Q: Do you need to wash your hair every day?
A: Unless you see a lot of breakage, washing your hair can be relatively safe. But for best results, you should only shampoo every day if you have oily hair, if you live in a city with high air pollution, if you live somewhere that’s extra humid, and if you exercise every day. If you have dry hair and live in a dry climate, wash every few days.


Q: Can you use too much shampoo?
A: Not really, as long as you rinse thoroughly.

Q: Is there an ideal water temperature for washing your hair?
A: Hot water should be avoided, but warm water can help work up a nice lather, and then dissolve the soap and makes rinsing off easier. Cold water is the ideal choice for the final rinse.

Q: Can a bottle of shampoo expire?
A: Yes, but most shampoos can last for up to two or three years. However, while older products might be safe, they can become less effective. So, don’t wait until too long before switching to a new bottle.


Part 2 is coming tomorrow... :)




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