Social media can be a great place to look for fashion and style inspiration... and this is especially true if we’re talking about photo sharing sites like Instagram. Of course, we—you, me, any one, really—can also become a source of inspiration for other people, and make it to the Popular Page... :)

And how do you exactly do that? Well, having some good fashion sense, building up an interesting personal collection, and following these handy tips...

1. At every chance you get (that is, whenever you feel you have an outfit that’s extra great/cute/beautiful), create an OOTD (that’s ‘Outfit Of The Day’ in case you didn’t know yet) to share. Don’t worry too much about filters; just snap a pic and post it.


2. Create fashion collages. There are plenty of free apps (for both iOS and Android devices) that can help you with this. Collages are also great for highlighting jewelry and accessories that go with your outfit of choice.

3. Fashion always go hand-in-hand with shopping and travelling. So, don’t forget to take some scenic shots whenever you go somewhere interesting.

4. Don’t be afraid to show the face behind your Instagram page. In other words: don’t be afraid to post selfies. Now, apparently, ‘no makeup’ and ‘no filter’ selfies are still the most popular, followed closely by before- and after-exercising shots. Don’t forget to use the appropriate hashtags.

5. Of course, fashion is also about sharing ideas in real life... so don’t forget to take groupies of you and your fellow fashionista friends.


6. Just found a pair of amazing new shoes? Finished planning your wardrobe for the next couple of months? Snap a picture and post it on Instagram. Haul pics like these work even better if you can add information such as where you got them from, price, and so on.

7. Finally, we have one of Instagram’s oldest classics: instaquotes. And if you know where to look, there are plenty of great quotes from the movers and shakers of the fashion industry that you can share with the world.




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