Diamond is one of the hardest substances known to mankind. Still, that doesn’t mean that your favorite diamond ring (or earring, bangle, necklace, or pendant) will stay as bright and glittery as the day you bought it. Improper storage can cause scratches (hint: don’t just lump all your diamond jewelry in one place... it would be best if every piece is stored separately in a fabric-lined container), while dirt and chemicals (your makeup, for instance) can make diamonds lose their shine.

But don’t worry, cleaning your favorite pieces is actually quite easy...

First of all, you can always bring in your diamond jewelry for professional cleaning. And this is something most jewelers do recommend, about once a year or so.


For regular cleanings, here’s what you can do:

1. If there are any visible bits of grime, dirt, or cloth fibers that are stuck, you may want gently remove them first. A wooden toothpick can be used to remove lodged dirt, but once again: be extremely careful.

2. Mix liquid detergent (make sure that it’s a mild variety) and warm water in a bowl and soak your diamond jewelry in it.

3. If necessary, use a soft brush (a toothbrush will do) to clean the surface. The keyword here is ‘soft’—if the bristles are too stiff, they can scratch the metal parts.

4. Rinse with warm water. Now, if you’re doing this on a sink, make sure that you close the drain or put the jewelry piece being cleaned in a strainer.

5. Finally, dry the jewelry (blot, don’t rub) with a lint-free fabric. And that’s it: your favorite diamonds are back to their pristine glory... :)





Image Copyright:
maya13 / 123RF Stock Photo



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