So, you’ve become an expert in picking high quality jewelry, you’ve also learnt how to properly clean your expensive diamonds... but do you know how to properly store them? See, proper storage plays an important part in keeping your favorite jewelry pieces—especially those bedecked with precious stones such as diamonds—last longer and stay in pristine condition. Besides, a properly organized jewelry collection makes it much easier for you when it comes to picking the ones you want to wear.

So, let’s take a look at some of the essentials of maintaining your very own ‘treasure trove’, shall we? ;)

First and foremost, investing in a good jewelry box is always a good idea... especially if you’re into high-quality fine jewelry. And what is a ‘good’ jewelry box exactly? Well, one that: (1) has a sturdy exterior and soft—preferably fabric lined—interior, and (2) has multiple compartments. Ideally, each piece would be stored in its own compartment.

A more practical and less expensive option would be to get a one of those organizer boxes or even ice-cube trays. Still, a soft lining is imperative. Small cloth pouches for each piece is also an ideal and not-so-difficult solution. Oh, and Zip-lock bags actually work pretty well for this...

Why do we want to store each jewelry piece individually? Because it’s all too easy for different pieces to scratch and damage each other (remember that diamonds, for example, are hard and can scratch other, softer stones). Some material (especially silver) can also tarnish other pieces, and of course there’s always the change of things getting tangled. This is why it’s sometimes recommended that you hang necklaces. On a related note, if you have any beaded jewelry, make sure that you lay them flat inside a soft cloth pouch for storing.

Finally, let’s look at temperature and humidity. Yes, both of these are important as well. The ideal conditions for jewelry storage would be somewhere cool (room temperature), dry, and away from direct sunlight. Different gemstones might require different conditions, though, so it might be a good idea to ask for basic maintenance tips when buying new pieces (for example, opals don’t do too well when stored someplace dry).

And there you have it... the basic steps of proper jewelry storage. Remember: high-quality fine jewelry is a significant investment, so don’t skimp on whatever it takes to keep your collection safe




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