27 Oct 2014


Ah, the violin... we’ve all heard how this instrument sounds, right? Likely seen them played as well, whether it’s at an actual concert, on TV, or maybe even on the streets. And let’s not forget that the soundtrack of most movies will feature violins... at the very least for that particular sound effect that accompanies tense moments in scary films.

So, yes, the violin is one of the foremost instruments in the world. But while there’s a lot we can discuss about violins, everything from the differences between violas and violins (answer: the viola is larger and has a mellower sound), the history of famous violins (such as the legendary Stradivarius pieces), and so forth, for today, let’s take a look at something a bit closer: violins in the everyday tunes of our lives...


Now, violins have always been one of the most important instruments in classical music, but (unfortunately) this is not a genre that has a lot of mainstream appeal over here. Same thing with jazz. Yes, there are plenty of jazz performances where the violin is used as a solo instrument. And of course there’re also violins featured in folk music from all around the world, from Europe all the way to Arabic cultures...

Ah, but there has also been plenty of popular violinists that have brought violins (as well as other classical stringed instruments) to the realm of pop music. If you were brought up in the 80s and 90s, you’ve probably heard about Dave Matthews Band, right? Some of you might notice that this group features a violinist: Boyd Tinsley. Oh, and who could forget the beautiful Vanessa Mae, and her own brand of “violin techno-acoustic fusion”, or the lovely string quartet Bond?

(Surprisingly, there are even metal and alternative rock bands that regularly use violins...)

Today, due to the popularity of social media, reality talent shows, and—more importantly—video sharing websites, a new generation of popular violinists are cropping up. Case in point: Lindsey Sterling, quarter-finalist on season five of America’s Got Talent. I mean, just look at this performance here:

If you’re interested there’s plenty more on her YouTube channel...

Looking for something with a bit of an Indonesian touch? Well, while you’re still on YouTube, try looking for Maylaffayza or Bali Sutrepti in Violin by Cecillia Young... You’ll be pleasantly surprised... ;)





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