We’ve covered fall fashion several times already in this blog, but we’ve never really focused on accessories or jewelry. Maybe a passing remark or two, but never in depth, right? Well, time to rectify that by looking at a pretty interesting trend we witnessed at this season’s most prominent catwalks: single earrings...

Yes, that’s right... a single earring dangling from one ear can look quite stylish. Read on, ladies...


Now, obviously, going for this unique look requires one earring from a pair that really stands out. Wearing only one small earring will give the impression that you’ve done so by accident and simply haven’t realized it yet. With something that’s large, extra shiny, or really colorful, it definitely looks like a deliberate fashion statement.

(Of course, to be perfectly honest, this style is perfect for those of us who have a tendency to lose one earring from a pair...)


This is why statement earrings works best for going the single route. But, once again, all you need is something that can really stand on its own. And what kind of outfit works well with the single earring look? Anything, really... but an asymmetrical top, especially a stiff coat or jacket in neutral colors, works particularly well.

Ah, and finally, if you’re looking for earrings from the diamond jewelry category that are perfect for this style, there are quite a few options available at Miss Mondial’s boutiques. So, let’s end this post with a small preview of what could be in store for you... ;)





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