16 Dec 2014



Every time you watch TV, there’s a good chance that you’ll see an anti-dandruff shampoo commercial, right? But what do we actually know about this little annoyance? Well, usually we think of it as dry skin that’s flaking off and dirty hair is usually the cause, but that’s actually not entirely correct. So, today, let’s take a look at some of the facts behind our ‘favorite’ hair problem... ;)

1. The cause of dandruff is actually a type of fungus (Malassezia globosa). But don’t freak out just yet: it’s actually quite normal and everyone has it. It’s just in some cases, this causes an overproduction of excess skin, which then flakes off.


2. Dry skin doesn’t cause dandruff. It’ actually the buildup of excess oil (plus the yeast from the fungus as well as dead skin) that triggers dandruff. Interestingly, dry air can make dandruff worse.

3. There are plenty of shampoos and conditioners that can clear dandruff, but there’s no real cure.

4. Dandruff is often accompanied by itching, but scratching will only make it worse. If it really feels bad and mild shampoos don’t help, go see a doctor: you might have a more serious skin condition.

5. Exercise can actually help diminish dandruff since physical activity will improve blood circulation which, in turn, leads to healthier skin and healthier hair. Just remember that sweat can irritate the scalp, so take a bath after exercising.

6. Dandruff is the most common scalp disorder, and affects roughly half of the population, especially those aged 15 to 50.

7. While it might be most prevalent on your head, dandruff can also show up on your eyebrows, along your nose, and basically anywhere that oil buildups might happen.

8. What’s perhaps the most terrifying effect of dandruff: it might double shedding. Ouch...





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