17 Jan 2015

Going the Distance

Long distance relationships are actually not that rare. More importantly, long distance relationships that work are actually not rare. This even includes married couples with children who meet at most once a week. True, this isn’t the ideal way to have a serious relationship, but in reality it works. Also true is that long distance relationships carry with them quite a lot of unique challenges—most if which we can easily imagine. What might not be easy to imagine is how to deal with these challenges. So, today, we’ll take a look at a number of handy tips for partners separated by hundreds or thousands of kilometers... ;)


1. Communicate. As often as possible. And of course, this has become a lot easier nowadays what with all the advances in communication technology, Internet access, and the availability of free software such as Skype.

2. Don’t fight. At least don’t fight while you’re separated and never, ever use the silent treatment.

3. Send spontaneous gifts... even if it’s just a funny picture sent via a chat app.

4. Be loyal. Be fiercely loyal. One easy way to remind you of this is to keep a photo of your partner with you at all times, on your office desk, as your computer and smartphone wallpaper, in your wallet, and so on. Actually, it’s not just about being loyal, but about drawing strength from the bond of trust between you and your partner.

5. Support each other all the time for everything: from small daily goals, to each other’s hobbies, and of course during rough days. Remember, being supportive for each other isn’t just about being there for your partner when problems pop up, but also sharing the fun and joy of everyday occurrences... which then brings us back to point no.1. It’s surprising what a phone call (or Skype session) a day can do for couples living far away from each other (as long as points 2-5 are also in effect).





Image Copyright:
Yana Yankova / 123RF Stock Photo
Andriy Popov / 123RF Stock Photo
Ferli Achirulli / 123RF Stock Photo



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