For thousands of years, humans have been fascinated by the stars. It’s actually not hard to imagine how our ancestors might have looked at the night sky and eventually see various patterns... followed by a sense wonder of whether there is a deeper meaning to these points of light. Of course, today, not everybody sees the stars and what they supposedly mean in the same way. Some believe in astrology, some don’t, and some simply think it’s fun to read daily horoscopes and the like...

Now, despite what you think about the Zodiac, astrology, and horoscopes, perhaps we can agree on one thing: Our own personal astrological sign would make a nice theme for a range of personalized accessories—jewelry, to be exact; diamond jewelry to be even more specific—no? These would be great both to add to your collection or as gifts. And this is basically the idea behind Miss Mondial’s Zodiac Collection. And to start it off, let’s take a look at Capricorn...

First of all, a bit about the sign itself:

Caution is second nature to the Capricornian. While rather averse to taking risks, she is never afraid to work hard. Her goals are practical, her methods perfect, and she believes in getting it right the first time around. Still, the frugal and meticulous Capricornian is ever generous with her time and money, and when she feels that a cause is just her gifts will be lavish and unsparing.

From Miss Mondial’s Zodiac collection we have the Capricorn symbol sculpted on a disc of rose gold, surrounded by an intricate frame of white gold, and—of course—a row of sparkling diamonds. Now, that’s something that’s just as fascinating as a clear night sky full of stars, no?




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