23 Feb 2015

Marriage: How Soon?

Some couples get married after knowing each other for mere months. Some couples get married after knowing each other for more than a decade. Take a closer look at either group, and you’ll find couples who have are still deeply in love with each other after many years of marriage, as well as those who are at each other’s throats almost all the time. The point is: every relationship is unique. And how long a couple should wait before marrying is dictated not by time, but when we can say yes to the following questions...


1. Do you really know each other? Up to knowing that you won’t agree with each other all the time, but still ready to support each other nonetheless.

2. Are you both fully committed to the relationship? An easy way to measure commitment is to see if you’re ready to discuss major decisions that will come after marriage, such as, say, where to live and how many children to have.

3. Are you in love? As in, really, truly in love? Can you confidently say that temptation won’t even factor into the equation, and whatever flaws there are can be accepted without judgment?

4. Are you comfortable being around each other? Can you talk about anything, even your darkest-deepest fears, without worrying about being judged?

5. Do you trust each other? When you see your partner’s phone, are you tempted to check his messages, call history, and e-mail? Are you worried about your partner checking your phone? Trust might sound simple, but it’s not exactly easy.

How soon can you confidently say ‘yes’ to all of these? Well, only time will tell... ;)





Image Copyright:
joseasreyes / 123RF Stock Photo
Peter Bernik / 123RF Stock Photo



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