When talking about wool outfits, we often imagine the cold days around the end of the year with months ending in “-ber” instead of the sunny days when spring/summer fashion collections have just been introduced. But, of course, there’s never a wrong time to get yourself a nice new wool sweater ... and the weather has lately been pretty cold at times, no? More importantly, however, there are actually many types of wool and each might better suit different needs (and not all are itchy and scratchy). So, before you head out, let’s take a quick look at all the types we might want to consider, shall we?


When a label simply says “wool”, then the fiber came from sheep. This type is prone to shrinking if not cared for properly, and is best worn during the cold days of the rainy season (or winter) as it is so warm.

As the name implies, this type comes from lambs only several months old, and is thus extra soft, smooth, and resilient. Unfortunately lambswool is also extra rare and expensive.

The fiber from the wool of Merino sheep are much finer, so outfits made from these tend to be less bulky. This type is even used for athletic gear.

As we’ve covered before, this one is often considered the most luxurious type of wool.

Made from the wool of Angora goats, mohair has a silk-like texture, but can still keep you warm.

This one comes from Angora rabbits. Yes, rabbits. And despite being lighter than any other wool type, angora wool is also much warmer, albeit more fragile. So, this one is usually only used as accents on, say, collars.

Lightweight, soft, and durable, the wool from the Alpaca comes in a variety of natural colors (although they can still be dyed).





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