When looking at diamond jewelry, it’s not only important to consider the diamonds itself (which we’ve covered pretty intensively on this blog, no?) but also the metal used in creating the ring, bangle, earring, or pendant we’re eyeing. Nowadays, we actually have an incredible amount of options. From classical choices like silver, to more modern metals like platinum, and more contemporary ones such as rhodium. But gold will always be the most popular choice and even comes in various shades. So, this time, we’re going to take a closer look at three of the most popular shades of gold...

... which, by the way, are featured in Miss Mondial’s collections... ;)


Usually when we say just “gold”, what we mean is yellow gold—the purest color of this metal. As gold is extremely durable and ductile, it can easily be fashioned into various intricate shapes. This also means that there are many, many ways to wear gold jewelry.



White Gold
This variant is extremely popular due to its more neutral appearance and nowadays you can easily find any style of jewelry in white gold. Now, technically, white gold is either alloyed white gold or yellow gold with rhodium plating.



Rose Gold
The soft, pink glow of rose gold jewelry gives it a romantic vibe. Rose gold is made by adding copper to molten rose gold, and by changing the amount of copper in the alloy, we get various different shades. While it can be beautiful on its own, rose gold can also add incredible accents to white gold jewelry... which is one of Miss Mondial’s specialties... ;)



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