Since we were little, we were always taught to share with others, right? Of course, there are things that should never be shared with others, even people close to us. For example ... toothbrushes. That’s definitely something you don’t share with anybody. Now, this very principle also applies to beauty tools such as:


As a general rule, anything that could cause bleeding should never be used my more than one person. And yes, you actually draw a tiny bit of blood (microscopic amounts, to be exact) when you pluck out a hair.

Nail Clippers...
Sooner or later, we’ll clip a bit of skin while trimming our nails ... making the clipper a perfect way to spread infections.

Soap Bars...
Problem is, soap helps you stay clean, but doesn’t clean itself. So, for communal washing places like your home’s kitchen sink, use liquid soap instead.

Same deal with soap bars ... as well as nail clippers, as some people use deodorant after shaving.

Once again, see that rule about blood and skin infections.

This means eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, concealer, foundation, lipstick, blush ... basically anything that can come into contact with bodily fluids.

Combs and Hair Brushes...
Lice might not be as common as it once was, but sharing hair brushes and combs can still spread other problems, such as scabies and staph infections.





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