The appearance of gray strands of hair is, for a lot of people, quite worrying: Graying hair is obviously a sign of aging and sometimes stress. So, it might be quite useful to know a little bit more about this phenomenon, right? Why and when our hair goes grey, how we might be able to delay it, etc. So, below you’ll find a brief list of facts that might ease your worries a bit...


1. Grey hairs usually start popping up by the age of 30, and at 50 about 50% of your scalp will be covered by gray hairs

2. Nutrition, hormones, and stress all play a role in the way our hair turns gray. But our predisposition to go gray either sooner or later in life is a matter of genetics.

3. Some health conditions can cause a person’s hair to go grey sooner. These include diabetes, anemia, and thyroid problems.

4. As mentioned earlier, nutrition also plays a role in graying hair. To help keep your hair healthy, make sure you get adequate protein (fish and eggs are highly recommended).

5. On a related note, multivitamin supplements containing Omega-3 might also help; as does supplements that contain copper, as it can boost the production of melanin (which gives our hair its color).





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