How do we usually pick what color to wear? Sometimes we follow trends; quite often we simply dress for the occasion; but surely we also have our personal favorites. And what color we pick when we dress can say quite a lot about the kind of person you are. Or, on a more practical level, what color we pick can help shift the mood you create and how other people perceive you... ;)


Black: Loved by the fashion industry as a versatile, classic, and elegant color ... which also helps its wearer appear slimmer. More than that, black is the color of power and authority. Plays of texture and accessories can make black outfits feel less intimidating.

White: Another favorite color since it goes with just about everything, although keeping it clean can be a challenge. White has always been a symbol of purity, and as a garment it implies a simple and balanced personality.

Red: A bright, attention-grabbing color. Red symbolizes strong emotions, with a touch of aggressiveness and passion. Not the kind of color you should wear for, say, a negotiation.

Orange: Not quite as catchy as red, this color is still quite alluring. Orange is the color of friendliness, joy, energy, and health. Still, while orange might suggest a warm personality, it might also make the wearer appear as less serious. That’s why orange accessories is a much more popular choice to add some warmth to an outfit.

Yellow: A rival to red in terms of attention-catcher. Yellow reminds us of sunshine, happiness, and inspiration, making it the perfect choice for the dynamic go-getter. Yellow is also the color of focus, although wearing too many bright yellow pieces might make you hard to look at.

Green: The most refreshing color. Green is, of course, the color of nature. But green—especially dark green—has also been the color of wealth, prosperity, and a strong connection to traditions.

Blue: A cool, neutral color that’s easy to mix and match. Blue is the opposite of red: it indicates a calm and tranquil mind, easily putting those around you at ease. Supposedly, blue also symbolizes loyalty, which is why a blue outfit is often recommended for job interviews.

Pink: Perhaps the most feminine shade. On the one hand, pink is usually associated with a loving, feminine persona; yet wearing pink also makes the wearer appear sympathetic and more understanding.

Brown: A simple, earthy tone. Brown has long been regarded as a symbol of humility and trustworthiness. There are plenty of scientific studies that point out how brown attires might make interpersonal communication much easier to maintain.





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