Unsurprisingly, on this blog we often talk about the 4Cs of diamonds... Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat, which are the four parameters of quality for diamonds. Today, however, we’re not going to look at the definition or intricacies of each C. Instead, we’re going to look at some basic, extremely practical tips based on the 4Cs that might be of use when you’re going diamond shopping. Intrigued? Read on, ladies...


• Cut is the most important factor; so, it’s highly recommended to pick the highest Cut grade within your budget.
• Diamonds with poor Cuts will appear dull or glassy, with dark areas marking where light “leaks” out the bottom.
• Shape and Cut are often used interchangeably, however, put simply, shape describes a diamond’s form while Cut refers to light return—or you can think of it as the diamond’s sparkle.
• The price of high Cut grades is based not only on rarity, but also the skill and time it takes to produce such a masterpiece.

• Differences in Color grades will become more apparent the size of the diamond increases. As a general rule of thumb, Color will become a significant factor for diamonds weighing two carats or more.
• The difference between two consecutive Color grades is hardly visible to the naked eye, but the price difference might be significant.
• Don’t forget to consider how a diamond’s Color match up with the type of metal it is set on. For diamonds graded I or J in Color, yellow gold works best; for D through H, white gold or platinum would be ideal.

The bigger a diamond, the bigger its facets. Now, facets are basically “windows” into the diamond, and the bigger the window, the easier it is to see imperfections inside. So, the importance of Clarity goes up alongside size.

• Remember that Carat weight alone won’t always help you picture a diamond’s size.
• Diamond prices tend to jump at the full-carat and half-carat marks. A .97 carat diamond won’t look all that different from a one carat stone, but the price difference would be quite noticeable.




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