How and when we wear lipstick, what color we prefer—these things might offer people a glimpse as to what kind of person we are. But apparently, we can also learn a thing or two from how our lipstick is worn down—or in other words, how our lipstick looks after regular use. And what exactly can you see when you take out your favorite lipstick and look at the shape of the tip?


1. Rounded tip to a point:
Opinionated and bold, with an exterior that often deceives a willingness to offer support to loved ones in need.

2. Flat top:
Quick, intelligent and funny, but with a penchant for arguments that might annoy other people.

3. Rounded smooth tip:
A homebody who likes to take care of the household and family, but with a surprising talent in the finer arts of music, writing, or drawing.

4. Slant close to original shape:
A “good” kid who plays by the rules, whether it’s in the workplace or in social circles.

5. Flat top concave:
A strong personality that always strives to finish any task, even if it means taking risks.

6. Sharp angled sides:
Smart, sexy, maybe even flirty ... but still not cocky or vain.

7. Sharp curved top
A creative soul with love for all living creatures.

8. Sharp diagonal tip
Charismatic and ambitious—a born leader and center of attention. But this eagerness can annoy other people.





Image Copyright:
amarosy / 123RF Stock Photo
vukvuk / 123RF Stock Photo



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