30 Sep 2015

Words of the Ring

Buying a new diamond ring (or any kind of diamond jewelry, really) is always exciting. Of course, the experience will be much more rewarding if you have at least some basic knowledge about jewelry and diamonds in general. We’ve already covered quite a few topics on the matter, and today, we’re going to add some more tips that might proof to be useful... in this case: some of the most common (but important!) jewelry terminology...


As the colder season starts in earnest, one particular style once again comes to the forefront: layering. Besides keeping you warm, layering also presents you with many new ways to stay fashionable. Of course, there are pitfalls to this style... such as looking too bulky. So, here are 6 tips on layering that will serve you well in the coming months...

Everybody wants beautiful and also healthy nails. And like so many other beauty and health issues, it all boils down to our daily habits. So, what can you do each day for your nails? It’s quite simple actually... so, let’s read on...


We’ve seen a lot of bold cosmetics on this year’s fall/winter fashion shows. But, of course, most of it are stuff we’ll never even consider for daily use. Still, the coming months do present us with an opportunity to try out richer and darker colors that really pop. So, what kind of fall/winter makeup trends can we try out now?

25 Sep 2015

Chic in Turtlenecks


Ah, turtleneck sweaters ... one of the most recognizable fall/winter fashion pieces. And one of the warmest and coziest as well. However, turtlenecks are mostly seen as a house clothes or get buried under layers of other outfits as the weather turns really cold. So, can this fall staple shine on its own as a street-style outfit? Of course... and here are some tips to help you do just that...

For many people, picking a wedding ring can feel quite overwhelming... as if you have to make a million decisions, and it’s just one small entry in a long to-do list for your big day. So, it definitely helps to have at least a rough idea about what to ask your chosen jeweler to help you pick the right ring. What questions are we talking about? Read on, ladies...


Basically, the main purpose of outerwear clothes are to keep us warm and cozy so that we’ll still be able to carry on with our daily lives during the colder days that are about to come. But it doesn’t hurt to inject a bit of aesthetics in our garments, and outerwear—especially jackets—are no exception, right? So, let’s take a look at some of this season’s must have jackets...


Today, skinny jeans has become a wardrobe staple that every woman needs to own. Still, wearing a pair in a way that is stylish and comfortable can sometimes be a challenge. If you think this applies to you, these following tips on how to dress up or dress down skinny jeans might prove helpful...

21 Sep 2015

The Season of Blazers


Lower temps that comes with autumn means that we also have to adjust our regular attire. Though autumn fashion tends to be comfy, it doesn’t mean that you can’t look stylish as well ... particularly if you like the season’s most fashionable outerwear: the blazer. Besides, there are plenty styling options for your favorite blazer:


Since your fashion style is an expression of your individuality, just buying random ensembles that are the latest must-haves or trends of the season will just make you lose your personality and feel uncomfortable. That’s why it is important to understand the actual difference between the various fashion styles that might suit us...



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  • Buying a new diamond ring (or any kind of diamond jewelry ...
  • As the colder season starts in earnest one particular style ...
  • Everybody wants beautiful and also healthy nails And like so ...
  • We’ve seen a lot of bold cosmetics on this year’s fall/winter ...